What To Look For When Buying Your Home

You’ve spoken to your lender and are excited to be pre approved to start your home search.  Once you start touring homes available with your trusted real estate advisor / agent, you may be focused on the size of the bedrooms, kitchen or square footage of the house, however there are many other attributes to a home that are extremely important to consider.

You will need to know which things to look for when buying a house to ensure you are making a solid real estate investment.

Properties that have major problems will need costly repairs, lets review a few.

1. The age of the house, what is the age and condition of the roof ? Depending on the age of the roof you maybe required to replace the roof shortly after purchasing the home. A roof replacement is costly.

2. Termite Damage and Foundation Condition.

Termite damage can ruin a property and cause extremely costly repairs as can damage to a foundation. Look for signs of cracking which may indicate a problem.

3. Flooding / Water

Pay close attention to any signs of water damage in the basement, you may find the perfect home will turn out to be a costly mistake if the property takes on water.  If the property is in close proximity to the water you may require flood insurance. 

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RoseMarie Clemente

RoseMarie Clemente